This is where I will post the model of the month and other achievements of the members in my club.

Medoll Of The Month

August: Ocean (Clarapop)


Sarah: Hey Ocean! First of all, I want to thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Secondly, Congrats on being the August Medoll of the Month! How did it feel when you won the title?
Ocean: Hi Sarah, And everyone. I was thrilled when I saw that I won August medoll of the month! I always loved to inspire people, and make people happy. So when I saw that Everyone nominated me, I was so happy to know that people support me, And care about what I do. Normally in the real world, People don’t see who I really am. But when I am on stardoll, I can show my true colours, And live the life that I want to live. And then when people nominate me, and that I even win. I feel like god blessed me with such good friends around me on stardoll.

Sarah: Not only are the AMOTM, but you also won the x-Beauties Best Medoll Award! Which award are you most honored by?
Ocean: Honestly, I feel hondered by both of them, Im so happy that people feel that im a good medoll. Because I always think on stardoll the other stardollians should come first then yourself, If you really want to hit best medoll on stardoll, Then you should put your first priority on the other medolls, and not yourself.

Sarah: What types of hobbies do you do outside of Stardoll for fun?
Ocean: Well. I have lots of things that I like to do. Like Singing, I try to write myself in to talent shows and stuff like that, But in the real world , Im really quiet, People think that ‘’you don’t have what I takes to compete in the talent show’’ and that really makes me sad. But when im not singing , Im in the library looking for a good book to read: [Currently reading Harry potter and the deadly hallows] And of course my daily stardoll, My day wont be the same without a bit of stardoll J

Sarah: Which Stardoll item(s) would you say is your favorite and why?
Ocean: Wow, that’s really a hard question ! I would say the water light Origami dress from stardoll. I just love this dress! You can wear it on when your in for a colourful day, Or you can wear it on for a night out, Its also a great dress to put a lot of bracelets, and necklaces on it. In short words. it’s a great Dress to wear everything on it!

Sarah: How would you describe your style of fashion? (ex. boho, rock, sophisticated, vintage)
Ocean: Rock Nerdy and vintage all together in 1 ! I know it may sound crazy, But actually it’s a awesome combination! Ill put like a Black guns n roses concert tee on with some red skinny jeans and some nerd glasses, with a black Cardigan, And some converse shoes. That’s how I can describe style in real life. But on stardoll. Its Classy and Elegant. White, Peach and gold Are the colours for my ultimate stardoll outfit!

Sarah: Which element on Stardoll do you believe is the most important (Fame, fashion, or friends)?
Ocean: FRIENDS! Without some nice, Good friends, you will never EVER make it on stardoll. Believe me, It true.

Sarah: And again, thanks for being interviewed. Do you have anything else to say to the members of x-Beauties?
Ocean: Your welcome! I have to apologies for the über long interview, I just had a lot to say, But I just want to say to all the Beauties out there, Be yourself, Have some good friends around you, who care about you, and Comment in Guestbooks, Make sceneries, Make a nice album, Visit people’s suite, Never be rude, And you will make your name on stardoll! Who don’t have to be a ‘’ELITE’’ to make it on stardoll! Just be creative! And you will see, You will be the best! Thanks everyone! I love you all, And you all Are in my stardoll heart true beauties!

July: Jodie (kixxxxxxxx)


Sarah: Hey Jodie! So first off, congrats on being July’s Medoll of the Month! How did it feel when you first found out that you won?
Jodie: Oh my gosh! i was so shocked and flattered..i didnt think i would win at all cause all of the girls involved are so beautiful (:…i never usually win things like this, so thankyouu girls!

Sarah: Many of the members of x-Beauties mentioned that your doll is simply amazing. What do you think is the most important key to making your medoll so beautiful?
Jodie:..well i think the most important thing is to be the clothes you want..mix and match be confident…and dont just buy the expensive clothes because there expensive and everybody wants them! can make cute outfits out of the cheaper clothes to (:..that what i do & also dont go to over the top! less is more :).

Sarah: Outside of Stardoll, what does a stunner like yourself do for entertainment?
Jodie: lol (: thankyou..well i really enjoy shopping [who doesnt?!] and i am involved in a cheerleading team which i go to three times a week (: and when im not shopping or cheerleading i love to hang out with my friends and my boyfriend (: i especially enjoy parties & clubbing because that is the perfect time to put on your best clothes and express your style (:

Sarah: Every fashionista must have a favorite or signature item. Which item on Stardoll do you believe is a must have?
Jodie: well..thats a really hard i love all different day i will be a classic and sophisticated girl & the next day i will be a outrageous daring colourful girl ( totally depends on my mood (:
So i will mention two items of clothing one for my sensitive and delicate mood & one for my hyperactive and colourful mood (:

sensitive and delicate – i would pick my Vivienne Tam Applique Floral Silk Dress because you can not go wrong with a little black dress :)..and also i love the silk detail at the’s a classic beautiful dress with a edgy twist 😉 lol

hyperactive and colourful – it just has to be my orange sparkle dress inspired by Dior (’s definently the most colourful and exciting dress in my wardrobe…even though i personally prefer the vintage look..i belive that everyone needs a bright and cheerful dress to really make them stand out & to make them feel more special and daring..cause the clothes and colours you wear defenently effect your mood(:…black is usually known as being a elegant colour but a grim colour aswell..which i just find confusing! lol
but Orange, Yellow & Neon colours arent exactly “classic” colours..but they just make people happy and cheerful..they dont give off any negative engergy…(:

Sarah: You have such a marvelous style. Who or what is your inspiration to have such a great fashion taste?
Jodie:..well to be honest i dont read the fashion pages in magazines and go “Ooh my god!..i must go shopping and buy that dress!” lol.(: i just go what i want & when i go home i try them on and use some of my older clothes to try and accessorize with them..i love to make sure that all my clothes get used well! lol (:…i have also recently had an obession with jewelry!..i think a beautiful necklace or a gorgeous pair of classic diamond eyerings just make a outfit extra beautiful…diamonds just make you feel precious..even if there not real….no-one will ever find out!! lol x]…so yeah i dont think anyone gave me much fashion inspiration…apart from myself really! lol

Sarah: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, anything else you want to say to the girls at x-Beauties?

Jodie: thankyou honey! i have enjoyed it very much, it’s been great (: and i would just like to say thankyouu to all of the girls at x-Beauties your are all wonderful and i am really greatful for your votes..thankyouu girls! i love you all & you are all beautiful and never forget it! 🙂




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