Im Sarah, or lalalaasd on Stardoll.

I am looking for models for the blog, so please write in my guestbook if interested. Just to be perfectly clear, this is not a modeling agency. I just think that by having models or to be more accurate; the word representatives of my club, on this blog, it will be more entertaining. The “models” get featured on the blog and in topics. If you want to be a model you have to be part of my club, x-Beauties or you won’t be counted.  I prefer superstars as models and they must have access to lots of clothes and/or makeup. Also, if your already in my club; I will write in your guestbook or mail you if I believe you are good model material (:



Katie (MizzLouEase)

Rach (Priincess.Rach)




5 Responses to “Models”

  1. CrystalNight said

    I’d love to be a model. This is CrystalNight from stardoll.

  2. Gliter96 said

    hi! Its me Gliter96 aka Kristen from clique__high. (rosie) I would love to model please!

    • lalalaasd said

      Sure (:
      I will add you to the ‘Models’ page, sorry if it might take a while because i’m going on vacation; but it will be up!

  3. ivanababi said

    luv thee sitee
    annd i would like to be a model

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