September Hot Buys (:

August 19, 2009

It’s that time again…here are the September Hot buys 😀

September Hot Buys

Candies Fringed Satchel-Kohls- 30th August

Hot Buys Tights- Fudge- 1st September

Hot Buys Beret- Bisou- 3rd September

Hot Buys Dress [rainbow one]- Bisou- 8th September

Hot Buys Purse- Pretty In Pink- 11th September

Hot Buys Scarf- Fudge- 15th September

Hot Buys Coat- Rio- 17th September

Hot Buys T-shirt- Evil Panda- 21st September [my birthday :D]

Hot Buys Top [Miami]- Fudge- 23rd September

Hot Buys Sandal- Pretty In Pink- 25th September

Hot Buys Dot Dress- Evil Panda- 29th September


I think my favourite thing there would have to be the beret and least favourite would be… the tights.

Thanks for reading my first post x 😀

MizzLouEase x


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